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2004-04-13 02:45:45 (UTC)

errr...its been one of those days

yea...if it hadnt been so funny, i think i probably
would've cried. heh, i almost did anyway, but here. let me
tell you about my

1st, i got at 6:20 something then fell back asleep on the
couch til 7. this isnt horrible, but it was 10 minutes
later than i intended, which kinda screwed my whole 'heck
yea i get to take as long as i want in the shower 'cause
there's nobody else waitin' on it' thing. so i had to
hurry, which didnt work 'cause i wore a short skirt today i
had to shave and if i'm not careful i may take a hunk out
of my leg, again. it was 7:36 and i was just brushing my
teeth standing around still kinda wet. i got my clothes and
went to put them on and for some reason decided to sit in
the middle of my bedroom floor and put on lotion. if it
hadn't have taken almost 10 minutes, it'd have been fine.
then i had to put my makeup on. this alone is an
aggrivating endevor because i just didnt want to. when
putting on mascara, it seems that the 7th time is the
charm. 1st time - i used a new tube that i bought last
night, i swear the stuff must be clear because i could not
see it.
2nd time - i wash off the 1st try, then go back at it, only
with some of the old kind that i havent used in about 5
months. after wearing blue/purple for 5 months, i couldnt
see the old kind that i had put on. so i keep on and decide
to just forget about it.
3rd time - i go over the old with the new that i bought
that i couldnt see. my eyes looked like spiders. wash all
that off.
4th time - i give up and go and get the blue/purple that
i've been using. i figure, y'know after 5 months i should
be able to manage it. i was wrong. keep in mnd that i wear
contacts. so i had put my elbow in some water on the sink
because i didnt see it, and i slip as i have this little
stick think with bristles and blue/purple gunk on the end.
i smear it across my entire eye, including the inside. so i
now have a blue/purple contact, have blue/purple dots upon
my actual eyeball. that hurts people. badly. so i go to
wash off my 4th try. it takes awhile because the stuff
seemingly adhered itself to my eyeball. and i try again.
5th time - wash off the 4th try and attempt to regain my
sight, then attack my eye once again with this stuff. i
miss and stab myself in the eye again.
6th time - same as the 5th only with a bit more profanity.
7th - holy glory hallejuha! i finally get my freakin'
mascara on. now for the rest of it.
after all that i just quit and go to fix my hair. it was
nice to me and behaved accordingly and looked 1/2 decent.
then i go to put on this new lipstick that i bought last
DOLL!! ugh...::shudders:: so i wash that off. by this time
it's about 2 minutes 'til 8. i run out of the house while
putting on my shirt and shoes. that took talent. i found
some of my old lipstick and it was all nice and didnt screw
me over.

so i get to school. and jsut about fall going in the
door. then i fell on somebody because they were walking and
just decided to stop for no apparent reason. they get mad
at me because i fall on them because they stopped in the
middle of the hall where, at this time of morning, you're
lucky to be standing for the mass hordes of people, yea,
but it's my fault. oh well. its gets better.

i put down my stuff and go to find my boyfriend and all
the people i stand around with in the mornings. i find
them, then go to give my friend a hug and somehow, i do not
know how, but somehow, our earrings got stuck together. so
i'm atached to my friend by our earrings. it was sooofunny
tho, because we were standing there screaming and laughing.
my boyfriend was kind enough to free us. it takes one heck
of a person not to jsut walk away saying 'i dont know you'.
he's sweet! then the bell rings and we have to leave. i go
in homeroom and talk to people, nothing bad really happens
there. then before period i go get somethign to drink and
walk with my boyfriend and talk. well, yell really because
you cant carry on a decent conversation in the middle of
300 something people. right before i go into 1st period,
there is this one puddle of water, right in the middle of
the porch thingy (heh, 1st and 2nd period are in trailers
and it had rained.)there wasa pleanty of room to walk
around, but no, perhaps because i still had mascara on my
eye, i didnt see the puddle and right into the middle of it
i go. ew. and of all the things to write about, our journal
had to be about our spring break. that's gonna be one long

2nd period wasnt too bad, we got answers to tomorrow's
test and watched a movie. whoo...

3rd period we watched a movie. it sucks and its stupid
but its better than trying to rattle off sentences in

lunch was pretty good. i ate 1/2 a bag of cheetos and
listened to my friends make perverted jokes. they're
actually very funny, when they arent aiming bottle caps at
my boobs.

somewhere between the end of 3rd and the beginning of 4th
everythign got a little better. then i had band. it wasnt
awful, but i'm getting tired of robinhood. its a really
cool song, but after playing it since...uh...october, it
gets a little old.

then i stayed after and watched myboyfriend play star
wars and then he took home. that was probably the best part
of the day, partially because i didnt hurt myself anymore
and mainly because well duh, he took me home. anyway, there
was my day. and i'm still wodering how me and my friend
managed to get stuck together by our earrings...

forever 17