A day in the life of me.
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2004-04-13 01:45:46 (UTC)

Just a Little story I wrote

Once upon a time there lived a young, quiet

girl who fell in love with a handsome prince. She

worshipped everything about him, including the ground he

walked on, but one day they finally met and he snubbed his

nose at her ragged yet humble appearance. From that day on

she vowed to do everything in her power to better herself

in hopes he would change his mind. Days later, while

strolling through the market she caught a young lad's eye.

It was love at first sight. That evening when she returned

home she discovered that she had been invited to a royal

ball. There she was told that she was really a princess and

then the prince, not knowing she was the same girl he had

snubbed, asked for her hand in marriage. She snubbed him as

he had done to her and gladly resigned her crown to be with

her true love.

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