The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-04-13 00:52:22 (UTC)

Dancing queen!

Heylo! iv decided 2 come back n write in this! LoL! wel i
dont fink iv done much since the last time except sit
online n chat 2 ppl! oh the joy eh?!

Actually..iv danced about which was well good..iv had the
radio on thro ma fone all the time iv been online so iv
been sitting listening 2 tunes! jus now Dancing Queen is on
by Abba..hence ma diary entry name! hate this song tho..its
so overrated! n only good 2 dance 2 wen yer pished! :-P!
Was sitting finkin bout what it wud b like if i was drunk
just nows..john curries a little n he's jus been
2 c Franz Ferdinand..lucky bitch! :-P lol..n he's eaten
popcorn and a cream donut! :-P ye no all about
johns nite!! x

Emma n i got Sarah Mccaddie in a convo n backed her into a
corner n slapped her! :-p! lol..well we jus questioned her
a bit..n she denied everything AGAIN! ach wells..sumthings
wont change will they?!

Ma backs quite sore from sitting in this chair..n iv wrote
quite a lot for not doing anything since the last time i
wrote in this!! well am gonna go! - x adios x -

Oh!! Theres less than one calorie per next
time your peckish pick up a willy..not a milky way!! haha!
bye bye x

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