a little piece of me
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2004-04-13 00:47:49 (UTC)

baby died

another baby hatched on easter, but it died today. it
was so tiny. poor little thing. another one hatched
today, though. two eggs left. hopefully the rest will
make it. i'll find out on thurs how they're doing. i'm sure
my ma will update me.

leaving in about 12 hours now. i'm very excited. turtle's
dad said it just made his weekend to know that we're
coming to visit. i think it made it even more special for
him knowing that turtle wanted to come see him first.
we'll stay with his dad for a couple days, then his mom.
she doesn't know we're coming yet. she would bug the
hell out of us if she did. besides, turtle wants to freak
her out by just showing up. lol, should be entertaining
at least.

well, i guess that's all. i have so much to do tonight.
plus, i should get to bed early. i'm going to have to do
most of the driving so turtle can rest. he's such a
wonderful man...flawed, but wonderful. he's going to
work all 12 hours tonight, then is going to try to sleep in
the car so he can drive tomorrow night. he hates his
job, but he stays there for me. so i can afford to work 3
days a week, to do an internship. i think when i do
finally get to work in a zoo, if i'm making enough, i'll tell
him he can be a house husband. he won't have to work
if he doesn't want to. he's been taking care of me for a
long time now, and it's my turn to take care of him.

ok, enough is enough. hope everyone had a happy