goddess of imaginary light
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2004-04-12 23:25:07 (UTC)

whats with the confusion

where are we, what has our relationship become, how can we
deny these feelings if we've let them come
we say we care for eachother, in more than the normal way,
but we hate to make more of it, for fear it wont follow
through-you think you will hurt me even if its not what
you intend to do
i dont push what i want to happen for fear of you pulling
away, your uneasiness to feel for me causes such confusion
and delay
i hate that you wont move forward, wont progress, or even
try. why cant you just trust it could happen- that we'd be
happy for now
you cant hide forever, i wont wait that long. i wish youd
just come to me....
please be brave, please be strong

11 abril 2004