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2004-04-12 21:26:28 (UTC)


Well I decided to write agen, wont bother going into
depths about the whole weekend. Basically Mark and Tasia
didn't go to well, he ifgnored her heaps. Then jst an hr
ago he has teh fucking nerve to say I ignored her? He was
treating her like shit al weekend. SHe was depressed and
kept saying she didn't know why he was angry at her. I
DID NOT IGNORE HER. I was really pissed off. Anyway, he
told me he didn't love her any more, this was like 2 weeks
ago. They broke up last nite, but today, she sed she
wanted to get back together. And he is considering it.
He say he thinks he is falling in love with her agen. I
think it's shit, he treated her like shit at the weekend.
And now, suddenly he wants her agen. In fact the only
time he gave he full attention was wen she had a short
skirt on. Feckin Male. He is really pissing me off at
the moment. I just couldn't believe he said I ignored her
to whole weekend. I gave her my phone to phone him that
nite before they broke up, to send numourous texts. I
told her not to pay me back. I mean obviously if I was
ignoring her, why wud I bother letting her use my fone?
ARGH!!!! This is actually annoying me. He is just
stringing her along, and if he seriously tells me next
week he doesn't love her anymore I will expload!!
Anyway, just had to get that out of my system.