An inconcluded life
2004-04-12 19:22:40 (UTC)

New horizons day one

From April 1 through April 11 I had the most wonderful
experience of my life. After 15 years, I finally took a
trip to Norway: to visit Frank.

there is no way I can describe how this was, I can only say
that it has been the BEST week of my life and that I would
not trade it for anything else in the whole world!!!

I arrived in Norway on Friday, April 2nd and when I got to
the airport, he had not yet arrived. I waited... and
waited... and waited. Then I called him. He said he would
come in 30 minutes. So I kept waiting. I was on the phone
to call again when suddenly, someone kissed me from behind.
There he was, his eyes twinkling and shining looking deep
into mine. And as I write this I can't help but daydream
about how it was. The last time we saw each other was 6
years ago, during the Christmas and New Year's of 1998. He
looks the same, tall and handsome as always.

The main reason for this trip was to sort things out with
him. Basically to kind of close the cycle or to figure out
what would happen between us. And the moment I saw him I
felt like fireworks going off inside my stomach.

So we went in the car and drove. He drove, I gazed into his
eyes, caressed his hair, touched his hands, hugged him and
kissed him. He stopped the car at a random place and took
me in his arms and kissed me. He kissed me like I had not
been kissed in a very long time. Love is an unexplainable
feeling. There are no words that can describe what a kiss
with love can make you feel. So we drove and kept on
driving. Finally we stayed at a hotel on the east side of
Oslo. We had kebabs for dinner at this little shaggy
place. The key to the car got lost and we had to call the
towing company who later took us to the hotel only to find
out that the key had always been in the car but we missed
it!! Anyhow, our first night seemed like anything but a
first night. It was like time had stopped and had never
passed by after the last time we were together in Norway 15
years before. And it was amazing. Once our lips had
recognized each other's lips, everything else just
happened. I was a sublime act that can not be described
because it is so sacred.

I can only truly say we are one same person, one same soul
longing to be together for eternity. I guess may people
are not very lucky to find that person in their life at the
right timing. This is a kind of event that doesn't only
happen once in a life time, if it does happen you must
consider yourself to be lucky.