How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-12 18:31:19 (UTC)

Something mysterious about him

Erika and I ran some errands today. She had to go to the
bank then to the resturaunt to do some shit on the
computer. We ate lunch together like we do everyday. We
have slowly gotten off our diet. I hate diets. Its not
like I really need to be on one anyways.... I just need to
go back to the gym when I get home.

We stopped at Starbolt to send out a package for something
Erika sold. As her and I walked in the door, chris and his
cousin were talking and they looked at us and stopped
talking...then Chris goes..."there you go Nick..." umm
yeah hey I dont think they were talking about me or

So he asked if I was excited to go home... I told
him "yeah I cant wait to take a shower and sleep in my own
bed" then he says.... "Oh well Ill give you the key and
you can take a shower at my house" As everyone laughs and
talks about his revolving door of i just
looked at him and said " yeah thanks but Im all set, Ill
just wait till I get home" lol. He wants me. lol JK!

anywho.... I kinda miss talking to Heath. Hes such a shit
head. Ive decided I dont even want a man... I just need to
get some. Then Ill be okay. That doesnt look likes it
going to happen though. Im also all set with random sex. I
find that Im disgusted with myself after. I think its so
much better when your in a relationship with someone. I
mean yeah I have had some damn good random sex..but I dont
want that anymore. I guess when I get back home...Ill look
for a place to live... full time job... and men to date.
Ill go on many dates. Yeah I dont see that happening

I dont know I just feel like Im in a MEN RUT! and I cant
get out. And when I start to think about it for a while I
think about Josh. But I dont want to think about him.

Thats one of the reasons Heath didnt want anything was
because he was still hurt by his ex... and I told him I
was too. But why ruin something that we had that was so
good. I mean its not like we were dating... or anything.
We hung out. Kissed once... but we had that chemestry i
guess. we have so much in common...yet so much that makes
us different thats what i liked about it. He had something
mysterious about him. And the best part about it... all my
friends liked him and my family.

Oh well what are you going to do. I guess I quit in the
boy department.

I kinda want to travel more so that I can go different
places and meet different people...and maybe along the a nice guy.

Who knows