How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-12 16:10:31 (UTC)

Will you Marry me??

I had a confrence call last night. Yes my associates
Stacey and They needed to hear the I LOVE YOU
story about this psycho kid. Hes fucked. we talked for a
while. Doug said that we was going to go to the airport to
get me and that he would hold up a sign that said Amanda
Blum... will you marry me. I laughed when they said that.
Haha yeah okay buddy. like I would ever marry you. I
fucked you thats Wow im aggresive.

Nah but really he has a girlfriend. Hes a nice kid and all
but Im all set. I would rather be friends with him. We
have the slightest bond... that makes us and
besides the fact he hangs out with one of my best friends
so I have to talk to him. lol

Erika and I are going to do errands....woo freakin hoo.
can i just tell you that my shit is all packed. lol

alright im out

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