DiNaH says...
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2004-04-12 11:25:53 (UTC)

lenten season '04

i had a time to rest my overworked mind and body. although,
i think i still needed some more, i just don't think it's
possible for the next few months without sacrificing work.
i would've just stayed at home and ignore my mother's wake
up call this morning, but conscience bugged me, so here i
am, back to the office and beating the deadline.

i spent almost the rest of the vacation just for myself --
i watched tv, laid down, ate, slept. i didn't want any
visitor to disturb me, but my childhood friends came. ok na
rin. they are my friends, i can't shoo them away. then came
saturday, & we went swimming. it was fun & we had dinner at
pancake house after -- edwin's treat!

while waiting for our food, we noticed that there were inly
two stars in the sky. one joked "nasungkit na kasi yung mga
ipinangakong bituin kaya dalawa na lang ang natira." and
then jhona was asked if someone had already promised her
the stars. she replied no. then i joked, "tig-isa kami ni
jhona sa 2 stars na natira kasi wala pang sumusungkit para
sa 'min!"

corny, noh?! corny but true.

tommorow, at philippine time, april 13th, is my birthday.
here at the office, everyone was teasing me. but sorry, i
have no budget to treat a bunch of hungry mounths! i have
no special plans for tomorrow. and heck, why would i be
bothered? it's just another ordinary day.