confessions of a never ceasing mind
2004-04-12 05:29:27 (UTC)


several kinds of touch ones that can heal ones that love
and ones that can tear you into pieces

You weren't there, when I needed you the most
and your touch was always oh so cruel
and I lay there, my spirit broken down
and my heart lay torn into pieces

I lay curled in the corner of my room,
tending bruises, although not all are seen
I would cry, into the night alone
to a god, that would not heed my cries

and my tears flowed a deep dark crimson
no one heard, no one saw my pain
all those years, still leave a scar upon my heart

yet I try to reach put to you
won't give up, was never that type of girl
do you see the woman I've become?
did you think that I would ever make it this far?

I would be there if you would open up to me
help you learn, hold you before you fall
yet you hurt, your words oh so cruel
and I cry into the dark alone

Now I stand, waiting in the dark,
holding out my hand, pleading with my heart
yet you laugh, and slap my hand away
and I take the hand, and the heart gesture that it meant

and I hide, so you won't see the pain
and I won't trust, my love is locked inside
no key there no way to get in
this is the only way the only way to survive

in a deep chasm in the earth, guarded by the undead, the
door unable to be seen, down a steep pathway lined with
broken glass and steel spikes along the walls, on a lake of
living liquid fire, on a tiny island with no bridge leading
to it, surrounded by a field of thorns, hidden behind a
thick wall of steel lined with poisoned tipped spears,
amidst a barrage of poison tipped arrows, in a city
inhabited by demons, behind a gate made of pain itself,
inside of a courtyard of angry king cobras and broken glass
and razor blades, guarded by a dragon, lays a tower with no
windows no doors no keyholes no stairs. Inside fo the
tower on a floor high above the main room, which is sealed
shut and filled with concrete is a series of rooms. In one
you see a beautiful woman laying asleep holding a heart
made of onyx(friendship), in the next lays a skeletal bride
holding onto a heart made of a diamond(broken dreams and
shattered hopes cold heart), in another you see a rather
lovely woman rather exotic, laying on the bed holding a
heart made of ruby(would never suggest that route however,
it is when people suggest sexual innuendos this woman has a
knife for the throat should you chose her), finally in the
last you see a crate, very old and wooden. through the
slats you can see concrete, buried within twenty layers of
concrete, ice and steel (to explain one layer ice concrete
and steel is considered one layer, there are twenty of
them, in a bit twenty one) is a steel box with no lid nor
seams nor locks, lays a living ruby far more precious than
any ruby on this planet today, a living fire ruby,
sparkling like liquid fire.