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'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-04-12 03:52:10 (UTC)

an email from cody

hey ppl. for the few of you who dont kno cody is skiing in
utah with his father and brother. i got an email from him
today and he is having a lot of fun. and he got me sumtin
*looks all shy* (these are direct quotes from the
emails) "We were out for dinner tonight and we stopped in
this little place (not gonna say what) but all I can say
is that once I get back not only will you have at least
one poem coming, I've got another present for you that
you'll really be able to show off" and "This surprise I
got for you, you'll be able to wear it everyday so people
can see it and you can tell them just who got it for you,
and no one will be grossed out by it either" soooo iono.