mY sToRy
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2004-04-12 01:55:09 (UTC)

tHe SiLlY wIlLy GaTuR sHoWs HeR sIlLyNeSs...

**HeY dEvO i aM boReD buT i LikE thE pOEM aBouT GeTtIn mAd
i ThInK sOmE peOpLe tHaT gEt mAd rEAlLy eAsiLy neEd To
rEaD tHaT.iT mIgHt cHanGe [email protected]!!!!
luv BeCcAAA!

^^LoL, bEcCa AlWaYs LeAvEs Me FuNnY mEsSaGeS aLl ThE tImE
aNd ShE cAn AlWaYs MaKe Me HapPy!! yA sHe Is RiGhT sOmE
pEoPlE NeEd To ReAd ThAt BuT i HaVeNt HaD nE fRiEnDs
ReCeNtLy ThAt ArE geTtINg MaD whIcH iS rEaLlE gOoD, It Is
So gReAt NoW bEcUs EvErYbOdY hArDlY eVeR gEtS mAd Ne MoRe!!
sO iTs AlL gOod, LoL,lOv Ya bEcCa, KeeP Up ThE mEsSaGeS
tHeY mAkE mY dAy!!

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