How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-12 01:39:32 (UTC)

Doug called today

Today was Easter. Yay! I got up and ate breakfast with the
fam. Then got dressed and headed out the door to Chris's
parents house to eat brunch, then took a little nap, then
headed over to Chris's grandmothers house for dinner...
yeah i couldnt eat by the time i got there. lol So I just
watched everyone eat. Then they brought out the JELLO and
I needed to eat some of that.

I talked to mom and Bren today. They both talked my ear Bren talked about how cooper fell into an 8 foot
deep hole. lol

Heath and his family were at my house today for easter
dinner....oh how nice!! Fuckers!

I had a good convo with Chris tonight. First time we
talked in a a serious conversation.

Im looking for a full time job when I get home. I need to
do it.

Talked to Stacey today... lol she said she cant wait for
me to come home. Shes picking me up from the airport.

Also I talked to Kim today...she talked a lot about how
her and Jon are talking again, and how her and Lou are
going to dinner on Friday. I told her that she cant go
unless she tells him to bring me a man and ill go too.

I also talked to Doug today.... lol hes a funny guy. Hes
also very random. Any who.... Im out.

I have to go watch a movie with my sissy.... it is almost
time for me to leave. YAY!

peace out children and happy easter.