2004-04-12 01:32:27 (UTC)

its been a while

yea, so its been a long time since i've updated, our
computer was toast. my uncle hooked us up good thou, dvd
burner and player, cd burner and player, hell yes. yup,
thats about the only good thing that has happend in a long
time. We move in 20 days. Not far enough though. A few
entries ago i was bitching about how i didn't want to move
to Ohio, well now im wishing i kept my freaking mouth shut
and let my parents continue looking for houses up there.
than i could have been so far away from this shit hole, it
would be paradise. but we are still moving, but only like
30 min away. Unfortuantly i will still be attending ryle,
but hey, im out of there in a year, ill be in the ROTC down
at UK. its not definite yet, but i've been in touch with
the recruiter and such, i'm excited. I can't wait till the
day i will never have to see anyone from Northern KY. In
all honesty, i wouldn't mind being shipped over seas with
the air force. Anyways, did my taxes today, i should be
getting around $300 bucks back, i know it doesn't sound
like a lot, but it is for me, it will go towards my damn
transmission, if that thing has to be replaced, im just
going to crash my car, i swear, bc then maybe... nevermind.
um, other stuff that is new... more people hate me! ha, oh
well, im outta here soon, so i dont really care. no big
deal! oh yea, i applied at the "florence freedom" ball park
to work this summer. its a baseball stadium, and i figure
between that, babysitting, blue chip, teaching tennis, and
then playing tennis, ill stay pretty busy this summer and
be rolling in money. so having all that money, getting a
free education (college) bc of ROTC, and my new car (thanks
to my days full ride to college, free ride from dad deal)
i'll be set for after i pay my dues to the gov. Life will
then be good. Speaking of all this made me think about my
sister (dont ask why, ha) and after having a lot of free
time to think, im going down the same freaking path she did
during high school. and its really freaky bc certain events
that happend during her junior year, i'm experiencing now,
and i'm a junior. I guess bc i can't explain it on here, no
one will understand, but thats OK, i don't expect anyone to
understand me. Not even my parents, which they def. don't.
And its really funny too, because my mom talks to my sister
and grandma (just using examples) like she knows me, like
she knows what the fuck im going through right now with my
so called friends, my job, money situation, and the house
situation, and school. And its funny because she did the
same thing with my sister. I guess "mother knows best"
isn't so true. i'm rambling bc im upset about some stuff so
i think its in my best intrest to stop writing bc i dont
think ill be able to understand what im mumbling about, haha