Rei's Little World
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2004-04-12 00:57:47 (UTC)


Howdy and a happy Easter to everyone! yup, its been a
boring but it was ok. sooooooo......yup. nothing has been
going on lately so i havent written lately. Oh yea! My
birthday was the 7. Now i am 16! WOOOOO! lol. but i feel
the same as when i was 15.
hmmm.....well...i have nothing else to say really,
everything has been going good w/ my someone special,
thursday made 5 whole months we've been together. so thats
really good ^^.
but whats been bad is geometry. i suck at it and it
doesnt like me. i have learned to hate all geometric
shapes and struff. just a few more weeks of it and no more
for ever!
alright, i guess thats all i have to say for

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