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2004-04-12 00:27:32 (UTC)

my tears dont come, im wondering why, got out of bed alone...

and then you call me, and its not so bad, its not so bad..

that was interesting.

i went to dinner with matt and his family, and caroline was
there... which i knew but he didnt. and he was so pissed.
but it wasnt as weird as it could have been. hahaha she
had like flowers and stripes together it was so cute. he
was staring me down give me the meanest looks every time i
looked at her or talked to her. and i just tried not to
think about, well anything. but she was sitting right by
him and i was like man.. well let me not be a bitch. but i
just think shes so pretty and. nevermind.

it was interesting.

my aunt and mom and i are talking about getting our boobs
done together. =D.

we're also talking again very seriously about moving
somewhere together. which would be in december/january cus
thats when i'll have my first degree finished. a lot could
happen by then, with my dad and other things... my aunt
said there's no way he'll live that long. which i dont
like to think about.

i have to write this paper now.

she said she likes my hair:) she said it a couple times.
true. i kinda like it too i think. except i need to CUT
IT so bad i'm guna try to do that this week.

it's going to be okay..

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