2004-04-12 00:02:04 (UTC)

Easter Sunday

A lovely service this morning with the children decorating a
wooden cross with flowers brought in from the gardens of the
80 year olds in the congregation. There were lilacs,
daffodils, poppies, daisies and more. One little girl was
baptized, there was much hymn singing and during the
children's portion, Pastor Ruth brought out the box where
she and the children had put pieces of paper with the word
"alleluia" on them and taped it up tight the Sunday before
Ash Wednesday. Today the children opened the box to find
colorful balloons with "alleluia" printed on them and Pastor
Ruth told them how and why there had been a transformation.
We had cookies and coffee and fellowship afterwards.

In the afternoon John and I puttered around the yard a bit,
he read and I knit, and we took naps. A lovely, lovely day.
Happy Easter!
We received several phone calls this evening but one was
unexpected. It was from Kyle, Aimee's son, who is finishing
up his basic training at Lackland AFB. I'd sent him cookies
and written him a few letters while he was gone and it was
obvious from his call that they were appreciated. When he
told me he hadn't called his parents yet I told him to tell
his Dad that he "could smell those steaks grilling now" as
Aimee had told me that that's what they would be having for
dinner tonight. He sounded a little homesick but still
quite grown up, very polite and at ease. I told him his
parents were very, very proud of him as were other people
(including me!) He'll be in basic for another week then he
has three weeks of weapons training, then he'll be coming
home for a while.