Fazzy's Memoires....
2004-04-11 19:10:23 (UTC)

Thanks for Ruining my Easter day dad....

Well... it's been quite a while since i visited my
father in Chelmsford... Having to rely on the public
transit which suck on that particular route, i seldomly go

And today, Easter... I told him i would make the effort
to go visit him and spend the night there. I was actually
looking forward to seing the old man..

My little sister picked me up and i even brought Sheebah
for the ride... As soon as we entered his house, i could
tell something was up...

Yup, my dad was drunk... 1pm... Seems like he will
never learn that drinking will not fix problems. I didnt
know how much he drank, but after a few minutes it was
apparent... All he kept talking about was, my mother ((
they are now divorced )).. Saying that it's all my fault
** bullshit ** and that she supposetly stole me from him
when i was young... Baww...

My dad, never coped really well with problems, he would
drink and then just starting to bitch at my mother and at
us kids... Even in high school, some school nights we
would be wakened up at like 2 am by them arguying about
stupid shit that happened in the passed...

I love my dad... He was a goood father, altough
sometimes i despised him (( only when he drank )), when he
is sober... he is a hole different man...

After about 1 hour and a half of him bitching about how
my mother took half is pension, about her leaving him,
about the events that took place, about me not being the
man he wants him to be... BULLSHIT i will never tell my
girlfriend to stay in the kitchen in order to cook me my
meals... I am NOT like that... I am what i am and that's

So i told my sister this is BULLSHIT... i'm leaving...
Why would i stay somewhere where i do not feel
appreciated... It breaks my heart that i was received this
way... So i told my sister that i wanted a ride back to
my place away from this crap...

Thank god, i am not like him when i do drink... I
considered myself a happy drunk, when i do... (( well most
of the times i am more quieter than nothing... lol ))..
But at least i dont bithc at everyone and make old
problems resurface.... God...

I am pissed... my Easter is now ruined...

Thanks Dad,