2004-04-11 15:37:00 (UTC)

"""what the fuck are you..

"""what the fuck are you thinking???? get away from this
bitch shes fucking nuts."""

hahaha. ive been getting a lot of comments lately.

funny cus i never see her as a bitch or crazy i see her as
stupid sometimes or stubborn or many things but never a

it'll be okay.

i talked to this guy last night from FTJ, he IMed me and
said he was my antithesis. so we argued about politics and
whatever after i said like 5 times i just dont like to talk
to people i dont agree with or have anything in common
with, but we ended up talking for over an hour. i got 4
pages of my paper done in the meantime, and then i went to

i'm trying something new with my hair today. we'll see.
it's called caramel glaze highlight, like medium brown with
caramel highlights. according to my aunt's recommendation,
since i havent even been able to decide what to do with my
hair lately, so ive just been doing nothing and it looks

i need a hair cut too, i have an idea but i dont know where
to go. i wanted to go shopping today but i guess it's best
to write my paper anyway.

it'll be okay...