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2004-04-11 12:50:42 (UTC)

Knight of Enchantment

Well, Senior Prom was last night. I had so much getting
ready and taking pictures. We had a blast in the limo!!!
it was me, Erica, Jessica, Jenny, and these three juniors
(I don'tremember their names) people kept thinking we were
John Travolta (he lives here) it was so funny. We went to
Ruby Tuesday's for dinner...Carrie, Steven, Bobbie and her
boyfriend met us there. We had soooo much fun at the
restaurant. Prom was okay. Prom is definitely a couple's
thing. if Adam would've been able to go then I probably
wouldn't have gone with Erica...I would have double-dated
with Carrie and Steven. We would've had sooo much fun with
them. I hung out with Carrie most of the night at
prom...but Steven wanted to leave. I do not like the girl
who was Prom Queen...ewww! She got a corn cob walk! The
little wine glass/candle thing is cute! I had fun with all
my friends. Senior Prom was fun (except for the prom
part...hahaha) I really wish Adam could've come ....but I
think I'll want him MORE for Graduation...because we'll
get to spend more time together. My hair looked sooo
cute!!! I took lots of pics...I can't wait to see them!!!

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