2004-04-11 07:36:18 (UTC)


hey evry 1 whats up?nmh jus got off the fone w/ my ex but
hmmm? how come every time u talk 2 ur ex,u talk about the
good times u had,then u feel depressed then u miss him??!!
i hate that so much but o well...life goes on right!ne
who..i havnt written in a long time jus a lil buzy! i got
my pix develioped 2day..hehe sum funny shit if u ask me!
hehe ne wayz..2day i hung out w/ mike,lessa,her friend
(sorry i dun remember ur name)we went to smiths & got my
pix hehe it was fun & guess wut! alessaz a grafitti artist
whooo her writing names are PENIS & VAGINA nice huh...she
wrote it in the parking lot!but when she first wrote VAGINA
she wrote VAGIN she 4got the A cuz we screamed "COPS"!crazy
shit!hehe me & mike bought 2 pizzaz 4 a dollar & a 2 liter
soda for a dollar & then went to the club house & cooked
them in the microwave cuz were poor bumz like that lol!
then we had to get out cuz they were closing! damn weeners!
grrr j/k...then we walked home & i went to mikes &
whoo..his mom cooked sum hot ass shrimp...i was gunna cry!
hehe ne ways then we jsuw ent in the computer room & looked
sum shit up..no not porn u freak!geez then i walked home,&
i called my nikki & shes out in the strip clubz payin the
doe hehe j/k but jeez if i was her id b at chipendales on
the realz!cuz im such a pervert like that..HA zee ur
innnocent yup yup...every 1 knows it 2!ok now lets talk
bout my cali trip...good stuff right there! we went & got a
hotel & i dun think ive ever eatin so much in my life
seriously!we didnt do much but we went to the mall,swam
alot,& ate...thats basically it!& guess wut! i saw my baby
amber there! ive known her 4 years..crazy shit seein her
there! so i hung out w/ her till like midnight & then all
the power went out like 10 times lol it was funny tho
watchin every 1 gettin scurred awww u wanna hold me! geez
they all came up 2 me & held me WTF! im not gunna turn on
the power im no super hero geez!ne who,i dun wanna write ne
more about that cuz theres 2 much!ne wayz,guy talk,i dont
feel for pierce no more,i have my reasonz...& i talked 2
jay 2day & we actually got along wow!& i talked 2 julian
tonight & ima call him in a few...so ima go!happy easter &
use protection!PAYCE!