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2004-04-11 06:15:12 (UTC)

am bored

yes. apparently i refere to myself as 'am' now. atleast
for that benefit anyway. i think i've looked at the same
page in this magazine atleast 6 different times. sad part
is, i always end up finding something i didnt notice
before. but be that as it may i'm bored, so i'll write 'til
i get sleepy, which, at 7 'til 2 in the morning shouldnt be
all that long, but who knows.

i'm ready for it to be summer. spring kinda sucks because
earlier this week i was going around in my bikini top and
some really short shorts (well, i wasnt 'going around' in
them, i went out in my backyard and laid out in the sun for
awhile.) and ten tonite when i went to see my brother for
the 2nd time, i had on jeans, a t-shirt, my leather jacket
and was freezing. its nuts. i want to go around in my
bikini top and shorts and not look stupid, what with all
the paleness. it needs to be summer.

i saw a picture in a magazine that i liked. it was one of
the ones that are at the salons that they give you to look
at so you can find something you "like", have them hack off
all your hair, only then to have you realize they looked at
the wrong picture and you're forced to wear a furry pink
hat until your rats' nest of a head grows back into
something more human looking. anyway, it was really cool
because the girl had long blonde hair and had put various
shades of purple highlights in her hair. it looked really
cool. i want that done, only instead of purple, have it
blue. then of course somebody would say somethign about a
smurf and i'd have to look at them weird because i have
never watched a cortoon that had a smurf in it. i think i
saw a bit of one when i was flipping channels tho. now i
want mexican food and to watch smurfs. maybe i should look
into that, seeing as how i dont do much in my spare time
that i dont have.

and i want SOMETHING to eat. at this point i dont much
care what, i just want something. heh, the plastic ring off
the lid of a sunny delight bottle only tastes good for so
long. i want mexican food i think. lately i've had a
craving for mexican food. and chocolate. oooooooh now i
want one of those cheese quesadilla things from taco bell,
those are soooo good and they dont make me feel like i'm
getting fat after i eat them, so that's a plus.

i want to run around my house naked. (dont look so
shocked, i warned you ahead of time that i was bored.) i
actually did that one day a couple of weeks ago, while i
was getting ready for school. there was nobody home and i
figured my pajamas might need washing since i couldnt
really remember the last time that i washed them. so i took
my shower, left my shorts and itty-bitty perfectly soft
t-shirt (that somehow has managed to smell like my
boyfriend, strange, seeing as how he's never even been near
that shirt...) in the bathroom and walked around the house
for awhile stark naked. then i decided it was too hot to
put my shirt on until i finished with the hair dryer, so i
stood in the bathroom putting my makeup on and finishing my
hair barefooted in my bra and jeans. its pretty nice not
having anybody around in the mornings. i dont know why, but
for some reason that was fun. now i want to go to some
state that has a nice beach that's miles and miles away
from here and go pass out in the sand and sleep for awhile.
yes...sleep...sounds good...too bad i'm being deprived of
sunny delight and sitting here looking a wee bit insane.
(what sucks is that there's 6 bottles of it down in
the 'fridgerator and i cant have any because going down the
steps will wake up my dad, which is not the best thing to
do at 2 in the morning. of course, i think i'd be slightly
ill if somebody woke me up in the middle of the night jsut
to get glorified orange juice. but it tastes sooooo
good...) oh...easter is tomorrow. i forgot all about the
easter bunny. hmm...hope he brings mexican food, chocolate
and sunny delight.

forever 17