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2004-04-11 03:45:54 (UTC)

so there's good news and bad news

the good news: i know where my brother's at. the bad:
he's in the hospital. but atleast he looks better than he
did yesterday.he still looks bad, really bad. but atleast
he can see out of both eyes now.

yea that's pretty much what i did with my day. i slept in
late, came downstairs and heard my mom saying something
about my brother being in the hospital, then watched some
tv. after that i got up and we went to visit him, after
going and getting various types of food to bring to him, we
stayed about an hour, then went to wal-mart to get
groceries and stuff to make an easter basket for his baby
girl so he could it to her. we spent a good 3 hours in
wal-mart. i think the most "exciting" part was having some
man come up and hit on me while i was looking for a basket.
i dont know why, but people seem obsessed with trying to
pick up a girlfriend in wal-mart. atleast this time it
wasnt a mexican. i still wonder why it shocks people so
when they ask how old i am and i tell them i'll 16 in a
couple of weeks. oh well. screw them, i've got a boyfriend
and he's best there is so ha! to all the rest of you. yes.

then we went back to the hospital to take my brother a
clean shirt and some more stuff to eat and then came home
and i watched a movie. it was pretty good, really good to
be a Lifetime movie that didnt last 4 hours. it was
called...hmm...Two Came Back. it was good. and now here i
sit, bored out of my mind, listening to the radio and
prying fake nails off my hands. good thing i dont care much
to mention when something hurts, because that's a lot of

so that's been my day, and basically my spring break.
next week i have to bust my butt on a paper, and i dont see
much room for sleep next week. good thing i bought more
cappuachino a little while back.

forever 17