mY sToRy
2004-04-11 02:29:39 (UTC)

GeTtInG mAd DeStRoYs YoUr WoRlD(pOeM)

GeTtInG mAd DeStRoYs YoUr WoRlD(pOeM)

Why cant they understand
Why can’t they ever see
That always getting angry
Is never the right key

All anger does
Is put your friendship on line
It hurts everyone’s heart
At least I know it does to mine

It messes things up
It ruins the whole day
It destroys your world
I guess you could say

Getting mad at one another
Is just something that you don’t do
Its not a great feeling
To know that someone dislikes you

I can understand
Getting mad every once and awhile
But the rest of the days
You should be happy, have fun, and smile

^^ wRiTtEn AfTeR rEaDiN aLlIs AwEsOmE pOeM, AlL tHeSe
WoRdS cAmE oUt Of My HeArT, bECuS iVe BeEn iN tHAt SpOt
BEfOrE wHeN sOmEbOdY iS aLwAyS mAd At YoU aNd YoU dOnT
uNDeRsTaNd Or KnO wHy!! JuSt Do mE fAvOR pEoPlE, dOnT gEt
maD aT sOmEbOdY IF yOu DoNt WaNt To LOoSe YuR
fRiEnDsHiPs!! DoNt PuT tHeIr LoVe FoR yOu On ThE lInE, YoU
cOuLd LoSe ThEm! YoU cAn OnLy HuRt SoMeBoDy If yOu MeAn
SoMeThiNg GrEaT To ThEm! So If ThEy ArE dOiNg SoMeThInG
yOu DoNt LIkE tElL tHeM AnD soLve It InStEaD oF rUiNiN tHe
DaY bY gEtTiNg MaD, thErE Is No NeEd To lOsE aWeSoMe
FrIeNdS, bEcUs ThEy ArE GoDs GiFtS, aNd YoU dOnt WaNt To
LoSe ThOsE kIndA GiFtS!! lAtUr!!