mY sToRy
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2004-04-11 02:20:35 (UTC)


*omg, i just love all of the poems you have written...
they are like soooooooooooooooooo kewl! my favorite one
was the one titled got him back. the one you wrote to your
friend cowie. It's a really sweet poem and i like it alot.

^tHaNkS fOr WhOeVeR wRoTe ThIs, iT mEaNs A lOt To KnOw
ThAt OtHeR pEoPlE oUt ThErE lIkE mY wRitInGs! hEy If YoUr
ReAdInG tHiS wHoEvEr WrOtE tHaT mAYb We CoUlD tAlK oR
sOmEtHiNg, I dUnO, iTs JuSt KiNdA wEiRd GeTtInG tHiS fRoM
sOmEbOdY i DoNt EvEn KnOw! BuT i GuEeSs ItS bEtTeR lIkE
AnOnYmOuS lIkE tHiS!! iF u eVeR wAnT mE tO wRiTe YoU a
PoEm Or Ne ThIng LeMmE kNo In My FeEdBaCk, wElL tHaNkS
aLoT fOr TaKiNg ThE tImE tO wRiTe Me SoMeThInG, iT mAkEs
Me FeEl GrEaT kNoWiNg ThAt OtHeR pEoPlE bEsIdEs My FrIeNdS
eNjOy My PoEmS, lAtUr!!

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