2004-04-11 02:18:02 (UTC)

wages of life and war

life is the battlefield

and when words are so
undefined that they mean nothing
i am every letter
and inside of every pause for breath
is a dagger
within every lack of looking straight
and avoidance in eye contact
i am told
it is known just who you are
and what i'm not to you
hang up and look away and smile for them
it pleases the world
to break like water
so believe in what we are always told
the memories that are distorted and clung to
solid love and dirt stung eyes of remembrance
fitful screaming echoes
retreat is nowhere
and hands clenched and trying to grip onto
anything that won't deliver it
into the evil of the mind
that trusts in human flesh
when you can never really know someone
and we never understand
and are convinced that we are different and a part
of the revolution of souls.
puncture the arrow
that strikes love in the hearts of everyone
the only thing we have to love is love itself.