The Real Me
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2004-04-11 02:15:44 (UTC)


OK! This is all Ben's fault, If i had never met him i
wouldnt' of gotton into watching the hockey games. If i
hadn't gotton into the hockey games i wouldn't be pissed
right now that they just lost the hockey championships. No
sex for Ben now! haha j/k

I'm kinda buzzin on some cheap ass wine Kali brought back
from home. it's really fucking nasty but it's cool. serena
and i r having fun. No one is around, this is the least
people i've seen on campus on a weekend in ages. Am i the
only one that gets really honry when i'm drunk?? hmm...

Serena and i went and looked at a place in Charleston
yesterday...i'd rather commit suicide...This place was
horrid!! The place was a fucking dump. She turned the
master bedroom into a fucking dogs room that was full of
dog shit. omg...nasty...it was worse then driving through
lewiston and having to take a shower. N-A-S-T-Y!!! It was
horrid. But Serena and i r looking for an apartment now
for the summer maybe Eric will join us. i guess he's
looking for a place too. I hope it this works out, instead
like everyone else that backed out on me. fockers!

I'm goin to church tomorrow with serena and her uncle..YAH
that's what i said Rachel Monk is goin to church tomorrow.
I guess it's some gospel church. Hopefully it's fun and
not like some psychodic churches i've had friends try to
drag me too. That try and brain wash u into beleiving what
they believe. Her uncle barry rocks. I met him today.
We're def. gonna have to chill with him more.

I might be goin home with Serena next weekend to
Scarborough for her ma's wedding. She thinks it's sketch
hat her ma and her b/f have been together for 4 yrs and
then when he loses his job they decide to get
married..hmm..sounds suspicious to me too...oh well..her
family is cool..and we might go out saturday night with
kendra so that should rock if kendra can get me into some
Bah's or something!!

The one year anniversary of my aunt shirley was on the
8th...same day as matt's bday..i feel horrid that i didn't
think of her once all day Thursday. But remembering it is
making me think of her more over the weekend.

My ma (the easter bunny) sent me some sweet ass goods for
easter. She sent me this chicken that poops out bubble gum
its hilarious!I LOVE MY MA!

well serena and i r heading over to hart to bug my
brother, greenday, and eric cuz there the only ones left
on campus...all the rest r pussy's!!

luv ya

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