How would you ever guess.
2004-04-11 01:00:01 (UTC)

Pissed right the fuck off

So today SUCKED! We didnt do much at all. Then we decided
to go down to the river because there was suppose to be a
band there but there ended up not being any there because
of the rain.

Then I get home and was just chillin here when i got a
text message from Heath that said that he had been
thinking a lot and that he didnt want a relationship and
he was sorry if he hurt my feelings. WTF! Why do I feel
the way I do, we didnt have anything yet but i feel so
lost and hurt by that one single statement. He just wants
to be friends. I mean I have been gone for about 3 weeks
and we have talked everyday for that long and now all of a
sudden you dont want anything. How could you expect that
to not hurt me.

Then for my last weekend here my sister wanted to do
something together, yet im here babysitting and shes off
with Chris. Okay cool

I pissed
Im out!

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