How would you ever guess.
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2004-04-10 18:52:47 (UTC)

easter in the near future

Today has been a pretty boring day so far. I woke up at
like 10 and came down stairs to do my normal...pee, drink,
breakfast, pills, all that jazz.

Evan had a friend sleep over last night so they were
content in the living room while Erika was reading the
news paper at the table, Chris was at the gym and Ethan
was at his grandmothers house.

So i went back upstairs to just kinda have some quiet time
by myself. I layed in bed thinking about when I get back
and what Im going to do. And thinking about all kinds of
shit. Then I decided to call my mom, We were talking about
all kinds of shit and she told me that i should go see the
allergist when i get back so that I can get tested and
then get shots for my allergies. Then we started talking
about Easter tomorrow and she asked if my sister made
anything to go to Chris's grandma's and I told her "No she
never brings anything" then she says to me " Oh well I
have all my stuff ready for tomorrow, I have a Ham, and
potatoes, and lamb, and green beans casarole..." I was
like "damn mom who is coming over??" "The Ouellettes" she
says. Great so my "man" is at my house when Im not even
there. WTF!! I want to be there, but no Im here. Every
year on Easter we have no one but then when Im not there
everyone comes over for some dinner.

On another note. I took Evan and his friend to the store
today so that they could get some food for lunch. I drove
the mini van there. lol yeah big pimpin.. Now we went to
the ghetto store it wasnt that bad though
because it was during the day, it gets a lot worse at
night. lol I told the cildren to not talk to any ghetto
people. Then we get home and we are all sitting on the
front porch and eating some food...and being typical boys
they are talking about farting and shit like that...i had
to leave the area. It was nasty!

Anywho not much else going on here.

nose - stuffy
head - congested
eyes - watery
overall well being - Eh not as bad as before

This Arkansas expirience has been the worst ever.


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