The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-04-10 14:05:49 (UTC)


Heylo! A couldnt think of a name for this entry so i
decided 2 call it "Hmmmmm"! crazy shit eh?!

Well yestarday i went shoppin 2 Livi! n got a new
skirt..which i mite wear 2nite..hmm *thinks*..a new sexi
black bra :-) and new earings..that feel like weights! woo!

Last nite went up 2 Leeshas n Emma came over then we went n
met Bazarino and Paul! Barry got served for booze! OoOo! ya
wee underage drinker! :-P lol..and then we went up2 Andrews
2 c if he wanted 2 cum out with us bt we ended going into
his..coz his mums away for the weekend..barry n leesha n
paul went away 2 get weed and andrew n i chilled n
chatted..which was cool :o)..and nope i dont want in his
pants! iv been there before so aye Amanda! wishful thinkin
doll! Then leesha n i went back 2 Leeshas n had a good laug
on the net with Nicol..tellin him we were cummin 2 Corbetts
at like 3 in the morning! :-P and he believed us! lol

I finished with paul last nite 2..wasnt good..:-( he was
crying n sad which then just made me feel even more of a
bitch..but i guess it was the right thing 2 do..:-( sorry
paul if u read this..*hugs*..x.x.x. but a girl he used 2
like on the net still likes maybe he can make a go
of things with her..even tho she lives in Wales..:-/! but
yeh :-)

OoOo 2nite Andrews havin a party..well he says a party bt i
dont think that many ppl will b there..but it shud b a good
laugh..n ill b drunk anywayz so yay! :-) ill probs end up
falling down sum stairs again but yeh! it'll all be good! n
i mite even end up bitch slapping sum ppl! *mwahahaha* but
we shall see how it goes!!

Fuck iv rambled on a bit! :-/! - x adios x -

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