Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-04-10 13:11:56 (UTC)

I hate Alan

My mum's back with Alan! I don't know why he's suck an
ASSHOLE he fucks things up for all of us and then comes
crying back! GOD ALAN how many FUCKING times! AND MUM
****** "men are assholes"..."I give up"...."I'm so angry
with alan!" ... "It's over this time!"****** FOR FUCKS
SAKE!!!! Alan's forever criticising everything she does...
and everything I do not to mention Nina and Mel! I can't
stand it... Then he brings his kids into it and has ago at
mum for not being involved with HIS kids ... but HIS kids
don't want to know about us or mum and to be honest the
don't give a fuck about HIM! PLUSS they're obnoxious
ignorant ASSHOLES just like him! I'm so angry!!!!


mood: fucked off
music: Korn hey daddy

P.S. I hate my hair!