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2004-04-10 13:01:11 (UTC)

Youre way

I know I sometimes complain about Tommy not telling me
that he loves me, or show it the way I want him to. It has
been a problem for our relationship before.
But he says that de DO love me, and feel lots of love
inside, just dont know how to let it out..
But this story shows just how much he loves me...

With his mother drinking agen, it hit me, now Im never
gonna get him out partying with me agen. And it feelt so
sad cause I was so fun when we had Karolines birthday
party, and my birthday party.
Our friends Jen and Oscar, who was at my party invitet us
to a pre party or a part at wedensday. My grandmother was
comming, so I was supose to go home that day. We talked a
lot about it. Everythime Jen and Oscar had invited us, for
about 2 years, something has come up. And they did come to
my party, Oscar even at Karolone`s birthday party as well,
they are really nice perople and I wanted to go.
Tommy and Oscar had been best frineds since childhood, and
he meet his grilfriend Jen the verry same night me and
Tommy had our first kiss, it was on a club in town. Jen
also study psychology with me.

So we decided to go. Tommy was driving so he would not be
drinking, but at least we where going.
I brught two bottles of wine, my plan was to drink one,
but it is almost everytime someone who would like to
taste, and I would not be cheap, stil I wanted it to be
some left for me, so I took two, that would be plenty.
At the party was me and Tommy, Jen and Oscar, some third
childhood friend of Tommy and Oscar, a boy Oscar had
worked with, who Tommy also knew, and two gril friends od
Jen, who I had never meet before.
But they where verry nice, and I got to know them verry
I could feel the alcohol long before my first bottle was
empty, and since no one else wanted, Tommy said one bottle
would be enugh for me. The two girls had brough champange
so celebrate easter, so I got some champange as well.
But at the end of my bottle, I wanted more, and nice Tommy
opend it to me.
Then I got verry, verry, verry drunk, the next most drunk
I`ve ever been!
Everything was funny, I laugh of absolutley everything,
and could not belive how controllfreak and hard me, could
allow myself to become so drunk...
Then Tommy wanted to go, the two other girls had left for
town, and the rest would leave son anyway. We sat in the
car and I started taliking, and talking and takling. I
drove Tommy crazy.
I only said four things. "Are you angry with me
Tommy?" "no" said Tommy. I was verry afraid he would be
angry with me for beeing so drunk. "Im so drunk", and then
I said "you have to make sure I take the pill tomorrow"
and "I think Jen is verry nice" And all Tommy sais was,
yes, you have allready said that before, would you please
just shut up...

Then we finaly came home, Tommy told me to be quiet cause
the others where sleeping. We went to the bathroom, I took
a bucket into my bedroom, just in case.. and then we trew
our clothes off and had sex. I dont remember much of that
I was still taliking, it drove Tommy crazy, but then I
feelt asleep.
I woke up puking in the bucket, my good Tommy was
snuggling my bcak as he also woke up by the noice. I hate
to wommit, its the wost thing in the whole wourld!
Then I feelt back to seep, at least half sleeping. Tommy
got up, looked for a new bucket, he is not that familiar
with our house but he found a second one. Then he placed
it where to other was, and took the other one out the
He said the room was stinking withe wine afther me, but
stil he got to beed, hold his armes around me and tryed to
I woke up feeling bad, got to the bathroom and puked some
more, I feelt bad and was amazed that I had become so
drunk, how did this happend, Im not like this! Tommy woke
up when I left the room, but feelt asleep, he son woke up
cause I wassnt there, so he came to check on me:-)
Then we went back to sleep, I woke up early, the family
was making noices, but Tommy told me to get some more
sleep, and I knew I should listen :-to him.
Then I woke up 40 minutes later, feeling no more tired. I
looked outside the window, cause I rememberd that it had
looked like something was in the bottum of the other
bucket. And that was right, my brah had feelt into it when
I trew my clothes off. My poor brah was lying in a bucket
suronded by wommit!
I tryed to take the rest of my make up off (the little
that was not on my pillow) Then me and Tommy had sex agen!
I was surprised that he would even thuch me! We took a
shower, he washed me hair, he was verry snuggling with me,
and it feelt so nice:-)
Then it was family breakfast, but it was fine. Me and
Tommy took a walk aftherwards, he was so sweet and
snuggling to me.
I was waiting for him to jaw on me, I sure deserved it,
getting so drunk. But no, Tommy never yelled at me, or
told me how stupid it was. He was only nice and sweet to
me, and it only made me love him even more.
He was in a good mood, was and looked verry nice, and it
was just something about him. He just could not stop
looking at me, tuching me, or kissing me. I asked if he
feelt in love, cause he sure looked like it. And he said
yeas!!! He feelt he was in love with me right then:-)

So for once, his way of loving me and showing it was the
best way. Maybe he dont always does it the way I want, or
when I want. But its true what he says, when he says or
does anything, he means it from the bottom of his heart!

I love you Tommy, your angel