Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-04-10 10:44:29 (UTC)

love Cheese

.....SEX (for OZ).....

Hold me now
Hold me tight
don't leave yet
Stay with me tonight!
Hold me down
spred me well
I'm not afraid
no not tonight

I wanna scream
to the world outloud
about you loving me
I've been quiet untill now
I just wanna scream
your name out loud
Say I love you
I wont be shut up now

forget my guilt
forget your pain
commit to me
say my name
forget the lies
it's in the past
stay with me
make it last

-------------------BY AMY JAYNE SHARPE----------------------


Mood: tierd
Music: none I'm practicing singing and guitar :P
comments: I love OZ