Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-04-10 10:40:05 (UTC)

Kurt Cobain & Courtny love (...ideal??)

~~~~~~One baby to another said I'm lucky to have met you,
I don't care what they say unless it is about me~~~~~~

As Those of you who know me or have read my diary before
may have realised, I'm not actualy talking about Kurt
Cobain and Courtny Love. But about my own relationship with
However the relationship is Similar... WE are similar!
Even though Most other Nirvana Fans think Cortny is a
complete dick and killed Kurt, (well I believe she's a
dick) How could she have killed him she loved him. And when
she read his suicide note outloud over the loud speekers
and called him an ass hole for shooting him self, fair
enough she was angry! I would be and I don't think I would
dare say that if I was guilty of murder!
She loved him He loved her... END of... No matter what
people said! BUT love can fuck you up right? So I am not
going to deniy the fact that courtny could have been partly
the reason for his death! But mostly because he wasn't
happy with the band anymore... I think.
Like me and OZ it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks
because He loves ME and I love HIM! He is my Kurt and I am
his Courtny. Here it is this is my heart spilling out right
here on this page! I LOVE JAMIE DAVID KEETON...always have
I guess I always will! And I really don't care what anyone
has to say about it!

Amy xxxx