Thoughtless Meanderings
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2004-04-10 06:05:02 (UTC)


I've got a lot of thoughts running around in my head so I
figured that I needed to get them down somewhere cause it's
driving me nuts. I've got this dull ache in my chest I wish
Julian and Kirby would come home. They've been in Iraq for
almost two months now and they're suppose to be there for
seven months, so hopefully that's September, but with the
military you learn not to hold your breath.

I leave for Basic on the 27th so I'm trying to prepare
myself for that but nothing can. You do what you have to to
keep your sanity. Worrying about Kirby all the time is
driving me insane. I just want a call or another letter I
know I'll get them I just have to be patient, that however
has never been my strong suit.

I'm bored of writing so I'll stop.

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