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2004-04-10 05:57:43 (UTC)

and a stranger knoced on my door

yes, about 2:45 today a man, more of an elderly
gentleman, climbed the 2 flights of stairs to my front door
and knocked. i'm walking around the house in nothing but
cheerleading shorts and a tiny t-shirt, along with my hair
wrapped up in a towel. that must have been a sight to see.
i ask him 'can i help you?' and he tells me he's with the
secretary of state, that he's looking for my dad. i tell
him he's at work and, as curiosity got thebest of me,
nicely ask him what he wants with my dad. he tells me that
he needs to speak to my dad as he is a witness in one of
the cases he was investigating. i was
like ''s is it. is it for my nephew?'
then i tell him his name. he tells me no and then tells me
what the name of the man who he's investigating. i've never
heard the name so that makes me feel some better. i tell
him, again, that my dad's not there and offer to call him
at work for him. he says alright and after i get my dad on
the phone, the man talks to him for a while then leaves.

all i know is that in the past week, i've delt with
waking up to 2 of bartow county's "finest" police officers
sitting in my drive way, having my nephew jerked up out of
my grandma's house and the last thing i did with him was
have an argument...that sucks...really bad. (this was last
saturday) then i see my brother on tuesday, and he's got
something wrong with his face, an in-grown hair that's made
his face break out. and me getting in the tanning bed and
getting all burnt up, thursday i almost killed myself
driving, tho it wasnt my fault. the freakin' old woman
should'nt haver had her damn blinker on if she had no
intention of turning. then today, as i told you, a man
shows up at my front door, (which no one comes
to,everybody, including me and my mom and dad, use the back
door, which is why it scared me a little.)telling me he's
looking for my father because he's a witness to a case.
then me and my mother have yet another argument, with
yelling fit to raise the devil. it's a good thing we dont
have any neighbors very close by. then i see my brother
again today, and lord god bless his heart he looks
horrible. his face got really infected and they said he had
something like a staph (i think that's how you spell it)
infection, the whole right side of his face doesnt even
look like a face anymore, his right eye is swolen shut, it
looks like there's a softball where his cheek should have
been...and i dont know where he's at, i dont know if he's
in the hospital or at home or where...ugh.

::sighs:: ARGH!!! people are stupid...and damnit i'm
about tired of him calling me a lesbian. it's sooo stupid.
yea ok fine i'm over-reacting. i'm sure that some how, in
some twisted way, that's funny. ugh. anyway.

i'm wondering if i should call my nephew's mother's
sister...i have her cell phone number. and i just know
that's where he's at. if i could just talk to him and make
sure he's ok...god, he's too little to have to be dealing
wiht stuff like that and i bet you anything that witch will
put him back on all those drugs and back into that freakin'
nut hospital. ::sighs:: ugh...i just wish i could get away
from here, from everything, for a little while. wonder how
come running away never works...well atleast now it's warm
instead of cold and snowing. but i dont suppose i'll be
leaving. atleast not for a while longer. but i think i am
going to call her, but i cant until i find a phone that
doesnt have a number beginning with 386 or 336.

wow...i feel old, kinda. my 16th birthday's in a couple
of weeks. kinda makes me sad, because most of my past
birthdays have been, well, less than uneventful. but that's
ok, i mean, atleast i'm still here and able to comprehend
that i've lived another year. plus, this year hasnt been
all that bad, well, the past few months havent anyway. i
think i'm going to bed now. Comedy Central sucks at 2 in
the morning. so, goodnight.

forever 17