carole for Master
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2004-04-10 05:40:16 (UTC)

First serve to Master of Bosk and kalana

Tad ]Î[: serve Me kali
Tad ]Î[: and speaking of serve
Tad ]Î[: heel to tavern
{kalila} Tad ]Î[: mmm yes Master, how may i serve You
{kalila} Tad ]Î[: yes Master
Tad ]Î[: serve Me kali
Tad ]Î[: hmmmmmmmmmmm
Tad ]Î[: serve Me kali
Tad ]Î[: what are you doing darling?
{kalila} Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmm smiles up to You
Tad ]Î[: smiles back
{kalila} Tad ]Î[: looking in bag Master
Tad ]Î[: well I want you ro do a serve
{kalila} Tad ]Î[: *passes out*
Tad ]Î[: smiles down to My sexy slave
{kalila} Tad ]Î[: licks Masters boots slowllly
Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm such a good
slut...running one hand over your arse

Tad ]Î[: offer service beast

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: yes Master

Tad ]Î[: smiles

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: begs to approach You Master

Tad ]Î[: yes slave...approach

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: crawls slowly on all fours to Masterr

Tad ]Î[: watching My lovely slut

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: setting in front of Master, her hazel
eyes shining brightly in the bright flames of the fire in

Tad ]Î[: seeing them sparkle.....loving the way
you respond to My presence

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her voice soft and gentle as she asks
Master is she may offer her service to Him tonight

Tad ]Î[: yes slut a chilled kalana please and a
bit of bosk meat

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: smiles up to Master, hearing His
voice, a wonderful harmony to her ears...yes Master, a
chilled kalana and a bit of bosk meat Master

Tad ]Î[: smiles and runs a finger lightly
across her jaw before letting it fall away

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: starts to rise up..then gently kneels
back down...

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: begs forgiveness Master..but how would
Master like His bosk meat?

Tad ]Î[: roasted

Tad ]Î[: and can fast forward cooking time

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: rare, medium, or well done Master

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: or on wheels Master

Tad ]Î[: medium please

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: yes Master

Tad ]Î[: hush kali about the wheels, will make
Me laugh

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: grins as she rises from her
position...making squeaky wheel noises

Tad ]Î[: hushhhhhhh

Tad ]Î[: lol

Tad ]Î[: I want a serious serve done

Tad ]Î[: and no spilling or tripping

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: decides to crawl to the servery

Tad ]Î[: watching you

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: as likes to shake her arse

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmmmm eyes entranced as they
watch that swaying arse

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: wigglessss backwards..rubbing her ass
slowly on Masters knee as she moves

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good slut

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: kissess His knee

Tad ]Î[: smiles and storkes her cheek again

Tad ]Î[: strokes

Tad ]Î[: looking on her with love and adoration

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: looks to the flight of storkes up
above...hopes they are not prey to the Tarns

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: smiles as her eyes behold the
treasures of Masters Tavern

Tad ]Î[: watching My slut intently

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her fingers trail over the kegs of ale

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: moansssss as she feels them

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: grindsss on the wonderful curve of the
casks..reminding her of Masters strong thighs

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmmmm strokes Myself a bit as I
sit back watching, your movements always so sensual

Tad ]Î[: wpies hand across brow

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: moannning softly, her hips undulating
to the casks

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: shaking her head gassping in as her
serve is underway...swirls around to the shelves

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her fingers gliding over the
shelves...her thighs rubbing against the edge of the
bottem shelf..

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: searching for the most precious
wonderful goblet for Masters kalana

Tad ]Î[: lips curving up in a smile as I watch
her every movement

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her lips forming a wide sultry smile
as she finds the most wonderful golden goblet

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: taking it from the shelf

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her fingers curving around
it...watching it with hazel eyes as she presses it to her

Tad ]Î[: moanssss softly watching her

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: slowly turning it, seeking any flaw
that might harm Masters lips

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: may it be found by her delicate skin
instead...she moans softly as she turns the rim over her

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: finding it to be flawless, she takes
the clean repcloth

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: shines the goblet to such a sheen, she
can see her reflection glowing on the gold

Tad ]Î[: eyes shimmering as I watch the care
she takes in serving Me

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: gently placing the goblet upon the tray

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she turns looking to Master, smiles to
Him, her breasts heaving with the feelings inside her, she
turns to head into the cool room

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: swiftly opening the door, the cold
engulfing her as she enters

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: returning from the cool room, a
tenderloin of roast beef on roasting pan, a bota of kalana
swung over her shoulder, the strap teasing her nipple

Tad ]Î[: watching as she emerges, noting the
nipples hardening in response to the cold

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she lays the bota upon the counter,
the chill on her skin causing her to quiver

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her body moving quickly to the fire

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: kneeling by the fire the flames
casting teasing shadows over her sensual body

Tad ]Î[: watching as she teases with her every

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: placing the pan, the perfect sized
most tender of loins from the bosks of Ianda in the
middle..glazed in her secret recipe

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: upon the hot coals..hearing the sizzle

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she stokes the coals, the sparks
flying as she suddenly gasps..giggling as she brushes the
cinders back into the fire

Tad ]Î[: perks at secret recipe

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: moving back to the counter area..her
nipples so aroused from the cold to hot sensations..her
ass swaying as she thinks of Masters mouth sucking on the
juices of the roast..of His mouth on hers

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm watching the swaying of
that sexy arse

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: taking the bota, holding it close to
her body...her mind lost in thoughts of Master

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: placing the bota upon the tray, the
goblet teasing her with its beauty

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she smiles as she turns looking at her
Strong Master, wanting to please Him

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: purrrrring as her body feels His eyes
upon her

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: taking the finest plate, placing it on
the tray

Tad ]Î[: smiles back, mneeting her gaze from
across the room....soooo very pleased by My slave

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: slowly circling the plate with the
repcloth...looking to Master..and whispering

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: Master, do You have Your knife for
slicing the bosk

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she peeks over looking to Master,
seeing His sheathed blade

Tad ]Î[: pulls out the blade

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: smiles as she turns to the fire..
Tad ]Î[: extending it towards her, trusting her
with My life

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: testing the bosk with
fingers...pressing...feeling the perfect tenderness

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: lifting it from the roasting pan..to
the plate

Tad ]Î[: sliding the knife across the floor
towards her

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: jummmmpsss..

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: picks the knife up in her mouth....

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: taking the repcloth, shining the blade
to perfection

Tad ]Î[: smiles

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: her mouth gently placing the blade
upon the tray

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she adorns the plate with colourful
salads from the fields of Ianda

Tad ]Î[: such a lovely slut....so very proud to
own you

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: places a few strawberries and a walnut
vinegrette in a jug for Master if He so desires

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: taking the tray lifting it in her
delicate hands...

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she traverses the tables of the
tavern, smiling as she reaches Master

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: placing the tray at Masters feet

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she kneels, her eyes lowered

Tad ]Î[: watching her

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: taking the goblet...holding it so
close to her heart

Tad ]Î[: smile widening

Tad ]Î[: eyes sparkling as I watch

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: she opens the bota, tipping
it ..watching the smooth swirls of kalana caressing the

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: filling it almost to the rim, inhaling
the scent of the kalana...a smile so wide over her face as
she peeks up to Master

Tad ]Î[: the sweet aroma filling the air

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: recapping the bota, she lays it to the

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: holding the goblet, her fingers bring
it to her belly, holding it there for a few ihn

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: raising it up to her heart...her lips
caressed by deepest feelings

Tad ]Î[: watching the love with which she serves

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: raising the goblet to her lips..gently
laying a kiss on the jeweled gold

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: turning it halfway, she lowers her
head..lifting her arms up above her golden
tresses..whispers..Your slut prays for Masters Honour and
His soul, may this slut always please Him, and may her
serve also

Tad ]Î[: reaching down and taking the goblet
from her hands, letting His fingers brush against hers as
he does, lifting it to his lips and sipping it

Tad ]Î[: your serve has been most pleasing
kali....it was wonderfully done

Tad ]Î[: want it saved and put in diary in fact

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: feeling Masters fingers..she moans
softly...lifting the tray of bosk..and may this bosk,
never ride in on wheels Master, she lowers her
smile...breathing in the aroma of the meat..my Master

Tad ]Î[: [email protected] riding on wheels

Tad ]Î[: taking the tray of meat also...tearing
off a piece and bringing it to your lips

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmmm ohh Massssssssster

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: thank You

Tad ]Î[: mmmmmmmmmmm save the text kali

Tad ]Î[: so you can put it in diary

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: lips opening, taking the bosk
in..savouring the wonderful roasted flavours, the sauce,
so succulent..she moansss as chews, eyes never leaving

{kalila} Tad ]Î[: yes Master

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