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2004-04-10 04:05:44 (UTC)

Good Friday

I went to the Good Friday Service at the Shedd church at
noon today. Pastor Ruth had draped the altar with a black
cloth and set a rough, wooden cross on it with a crown of
thorns over that. On it was draped another black cloth.
There was a large, single white candle in front of it. She
blew this out at the end of the service.

What she did was elegant and spare. She read laments
followed by our saying a simple response and between each
lament and response she played music. In the middle
there was a short period of silence.

There were three people from the Shedd congregation and four
from ours. Afterwards Pastor Ruth came up to each of us,
leaned over and placed her hands on our shoulders and gave us
each a personal benediction. We were invited to stay as
long as we wished to pray and I was the only one who did
that. I said a rosary, for peace in the world.
I'm almost finished making the burial dresses. I still need
to hem them and add the ribbons, appliques, white ribbon
roses and/or pearls and I need to make the bonnets.
John and I took Owen, Gavin, Jessica and Hugh out to dinner
tonight. After bringing Owen, Gavin and Jessica back, we
picked up our books at the library, put gas in the van, did
our grocery shopping and shopped at Goodwill (John bought a
shirt, Hugh a hat and I found a pair of silver earrings).
We were home by 9 p.m. It's been a very long day.