a poetic Heartº
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2004-04-10 03:31:52 (UTC)

Carry On

Its because of you that I know how to love
And im greatful for every moment that we ever shared
The hurt that we felt made me so strong
And theres been some great times that have been spared

Youve shown me whats right and whats wrong
So i wouldnt make the same mistake twice
Its a blessing to have known you in my life
Its been a feeling thats always felt so right

Many times we tried to make it work
And though it didnt your still in my heart
And the love that I learned from will always be there
No matter how many miles we may be apart

Its because of you
That I think Im happy now
I know how to love the one im with
And I just wanted to let you know somehow

Apart of you will always be with me
And a part of my heart youll forever own
The love that you taught me will always be there
And forever it shall carry on.