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2004-04-10 03:02:33 (UTC)

Mental Breakdown to come...

It's Friday, exactly 9:55 on my computer, 9:56 now. I just
came back from over 10 hours of work on a busy holiday
weekend where I have to be up and perky. (Dressed gothic
ofcourse but that's besides the point.) I have theatre
tomorrow and dnd to relax with. (My ONLY day off so I need
to hang in whatever way I can.) I'm not gonna sleep tonight
cause Ron would like me to finish my script. I'd like to do
that too, but shit I hate writing, I only have the
beginning and the end. How the hell will I finish this in
time. Not to mention write down ALL:

I'd also like to sketch the whole thing out frame by frame
but I'll do that tomorrow or sunday. I doubt we're gonna
use it tomorrow. Still I'd like it done. Probably will work
on it at Eric's.

Realized not attracted to that one guy, he's just very
interesting. I do wanna know him more. As a friend. Real
freaking interesting.

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