A day in the life of me.
2004-04-09 23:33:01 (UTC)

Sick of Losing

I'm so sick of losing people and things in my life. My dad

died when I was four so I don't really remember him. I lost

things I had of his later on in my life like his favorite

hat, his wedding band and his favorite coffee mug and now

I don't have anything. I barely have any pictures of him.

Lost my first stepdad twice because he cheated on my mom.

I remember him a little more, I just wish we still had

some kind of contact with each other. But ever since he

left for some reason I don't look forward to holidays, not

even Christmas or my birthday. He even wanted to adopt me.

Lost my second stepdad because of something with my mom and

he was one of the best.The only thing I have left of him is

memories of traveling the road in his big rig together. He

wanted to adopt me too. I have a new stepdad and he's one

of the worst we don't talk and he's an asshole and not just

cause I don't want to like him but my mom doesn't really

like him that much either, we've left him a couple times

but we always came back. I don't really know why, he hasn't

changed. Everytime we leave he always says it's my fault

but I don't know how or why. He's the only one who doesn't

want to adopt me but that's okay because I dont want his

last name. I lost my dog cause we had to put him to sleep,

he had a brain tumor. I've lost lots of friends with the

16 moves I have been through. Funny thing is I was never

an army brat my mom just made us move a lot. I've moved on

average, once a year for sixteen years, and I'm only 16

yrs old. I know I don't really have it that bad but I wish

it were better.

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