A day in the life of me.
2004-04-09 23:18:27 (UTC)

Things are okay

Well, things didn't go as well as I planned. I have a

feeling I might be moving in with Amber eventually. I

haven't lost any weight, grades were horrible and I failed

gym for the year. Amanda and I aren't friends anymore.

my old buddy "Chris" came to Hocat two weeks ago, it was so

nice to see him after two years. "Pete" still hasn't come

back but I see his brother, Josh, around town all the time.

As far as James, I saw him the other day and it didn't

effect me the way it usually does. Maybe I'm finally

getting over him. But I don't know for sure. Prom is coming

up and I already got my dress, picked it out in ten mins.

and got my shoes too. I'm not going with anyone but I kinda

wish I was. For some reason I'm reading a lot more than I

used to, it's not a bad thing but I just think it's weird.

Found out my gym teacher has cancer, funny that she never

let on or anything but that hasn't change the way we act

with her. I guess we all just think that it's normal. It's

been two weeks since we put Max to sleep. I miss him so

much. It's a lot easier around the house, not taking him

out or worrying about messes and whatever but I miss him

around the house and him sleeping at the foot of my bed

and being able to talk to him like a freind. It hurts so

much to think he's in a dumpster somewhere. I wanted him

to come to college with me so I asked mom if we could

cremate him and she said no. So now I have nothing.