How would you ever guess.
2004-04-09 19:54:22 (UTC)


Havent written in a few days, i actually have been trying
to keep busy. Erika hasnt worked since Wed. so her and i
have been haging out. Yesterday we went to her friends
house for a little bit and then came home and were going
to do some work in her garden but it was too hot to sit in
the sun so we went for a walk instead. We walked down to
the River Market which is a really cool place...i like it
there. Then last night was Evans guitar lesson so we
brought him there and the rest of us all went to get some
ice cream.
While we were driving back to the lesson we passed Chuckie
Cheese...and we were talking about having a party there.
Now Ethan who is scared of Santa, the Easter bunny, and
any other holiday also scared of Chuckie! He
has anxiety attacks when it comes to stuff like that. So
anyways we were talking about Chuckie and how we wanted to
go see him and all of a sudden Ethan screams out "NO,
Chuckie sucks!!" HA HA HA I was about ready to die. That
was the best thing i had heard all day long.

Lets see what else is there to talk about.
My allergies are really bothering me right now. I think my
head is about to blow up and I cant stop sneezing and
blowing my nose.

I made pancakes today... my sister told me that I could
work at McDonalds because that they were so good. LOL

Evan made all A's in school this term....yay He had an
awards ceremony at school today... it was fun! i got to
embaress the shit out of him. He loves his Aunty

Im out... my head hurts.