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2004-04-09 19:45:21 (UTC)

Happy for Once

For once in what seems forever happiness has returned to my
life. I've pretty much gotten over Ali, and I have fallen
for a girl named Renna Matthews. It's really ironic
actually, in fifth grade I slammed her into a wall because
she was kicking my best friend at the time, and now we're
going out. We have a couple dates already pretty much lined
up. She will most likely be going to my [email protected], I hope Aaron
can convince Ali to go so he won't be lonely. We'll also be
going to concerts in Austin, one that's coming up soon and
one in August for my birthday. Can't wait for my
present...anyways, other than that I've been visiting
relatives in Wisconsin. First night up here my mom goes out
with Aunt Cheryl and gets fucked up and we all stay up
late. Second night: Everyone goes out of the house and my
cousin and I had to babysit, two babies and a cocky 6 yr
old. It was all good til the babies threw a shitfit. I
ended up having to sit at my laptop and listen to the
Scooby-Doo theme for 45 minutes. Yes, seriously 45 minutes.
The third day was pretty much uneventful with the exception
of the fact that Josh, the 6 yr old skipped school. At
least I think he's six, he's probably like 7 or something.
Fourth day: we got to sit around all day and Uncle Randy
came over. that was really cool. Fifth day: mom got wasted
again, everyone went out to darts. I'm glad I'm good at
eavesdropping, my mom said that if someone shot over 150
points in one round that they had to turn around and show
their ass to everyone that was playing darts. Wouldn't that
be fucked up? Day numero seis: we drove up to Aunt
Shelley's. We were all really tired so when we got there we
went over to my mom's friend's house. That was interesting.
I got to get on the internet and finish doing my 90 weekly
clicks for a Clickmaster thingamajig for Planet
BattleGround. Speaking of Planet BattleGround, if you're
reading this please go to: and
the # that is displayed in the CAPTCHA. Today would be the
seventh day and we're justing sitting at my Grandma Joan's
house having a good time. Oh yea, two days ago I asked
Renna out. That would be on day #5. Tomorrow we're going
out to Minnesota to visit another one of my mom's friends
and then we'll be heading home. I hope I get to see Renna
on Monday. My uncle Kenny came over here to my Grandma's
house today and we all hung out for quite a while. I think
I'm falling in love with Renna, I'm just nervous to say I
love you because that's what has thrown all of my
relationships over the edge. At the very least I know I
like her a lot, more than anyone yet so...if love is like
this I'll be happy for the rest of my life. I just hope we
don't end up breaking up soon. For some reason she makes me
happy and I hope it continues to stay like that. I really
want to be able to see her Monday. Not sure if I'll be able
to though. I hope so.