What I really THINK
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2004-04-09 02:09:13 (UTC)

mission accomplished

I just feel happy today. I went to school, got a lot of
work done. I went to school on tuesday and got a lot of
work done too. I feel like so much less stressful when I
know I'm doing pretty good in school.
I have work tomorrow night and all weekend. I want to get
a good night of rest so I can be prepared for this
hopefully busy weekend at work. Can you believe that a
guest at work gave me 200 dollars!??!! His name is lou, and
he has magnifiying glasses, dark curly hair with an irish
tatto on his forarm. I don't know why, and I don't really
care, but he gave me two hundred dollars. No one in my
entire life just handed that much money to me for no
reason. I took it- hell yea I took that shit. My mom
doesn't like that whole thing at all. I don't care, i know
not to be stupid and give him any of my information or help
him do something outside of my resturant doors. I was
totally safe about the whole thing, i told my boss and
everything. I did a little shopping with it, put some
away, and treated myself to a nice 8th of some nice
majiauna or plain weed as i call it. You know who've I've
been smoking with? Not nev or ness, but ash. Forget the
other two. I mean, I like ness- but for god's sake she
just gets on my nerves. Plus, being around her means
sometimes being around nev. Don't want to be around her.
This weekend ash wants to go to a bar. She has an idea for
a limited amount of time. I dunno....i was thinking about
it. I just might.
And I've also been good with throwing up. Last time I did
it was sometime last week. I think this time I'm definitly
done with it. After I did it I just felt like....i
dunno...fucking NASTY.
Wel, my dad needs me to get him a burger around the corner.
love me

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