How long will my life last? hmmm.....
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2004-04-09 01:59:39 (UTC)


omg, i just had the most awsomest day at the mall. rachel
an i were there, and we went to hot topic and spencers. I
am a pig, i had like, this huge taco bell thing. it tasted
soooooo good though.....neways........yeah, i got 2 wrist
bands at HT. omg.....so awsome. i totally jacked kc's
style though, with the skull and Xbones.....hes gonna be
pissed, but it will be worth it, just the look on his
face. WE DIDNT SEE ANY HOT GUYS!!! OMG!!! that pisses me
off. i was so looking forward to it. i also found out the
easter bunny has a gf......no comment....i dont wanna know
what they do in their free time..ewwwwwww. i have a secret
im not sharing with neone but rachel...she knows what it
is, and anyone else who reads this will soon find out to
(wink wink) and what happened at my house the other day
with jeff and alex....i remain silent....i will not share
secrets...lets just say underwear drawer and locking
themselves in a hm.....specific room, should be enough.

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