The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-04-09 01:19:00 (UTC)


Heylo...OoO..its shiny n white..:-S..well i thot id make a
diary since everyone else has..n i felt left out *cries*..
I dont think im making this public just nows..but i probs
will in a couple ppl..if they want 2..can read all
about ma fun filled life..*raises eyebrow*

Well 2day i went 2 the cinema with Leesha..Paul..Bazarino
and David..Twas Barrys bday yestarday so we went for
that..*Happy Birthday* even tho it'll probs be about a week
after yer birthday when ppl can read this..haha! Went 2 c
Cat In The Hat n it was one amazin film!!

Things were strange will Paul n i tho..:-S..not 2
finking its maybe better if i finish just dont seem
to be working out as a relationship but hes a great guy n
ill stay mates with him *hugs*..but yeah..i needa wait till
next time i c him n ill tell him ill feel like
such a horrible evil shitty bitch.:-(..

Its 2.17am n im not even tired..think its coz iv been
online all the holidays till like 3/4ish then i just sleep
all spkin 2 Rendell just nows tho..:-) he's
well funny! LoL! n Steve!! on ICQ!!! YES!!! ICQ!! amazin..i
used 2 use it bout 3/4 years ago when i was little but then
everyone just used msn msgr..everyone shud now go back n
use icq coz it kiks ass!

Well im gonna head for just nows! - x adios x -