Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-04-08 20:49:04 (UTC)

about me (for new readers)

My Name is Amy sharpe and I live in a shity little town
called Melksham im england and for the Americans out there
No It's NOT IN or NEAR LONDON!!! Anyway because Melksham
(THe sham) is Sooo shite all I ever seem to do is go on MSN
and update my shity little diary!
I don't put my self in steriotypical boxes but I will tell
you now I am not A prep Townie or watever! Neither am I a
goth incase u were wondering... If anything I'm a
grunger ...and I don't hail SATAN! RIP Kurt cobain!
I have an obsession with my boyfriends ex boyfriends and
people I fancie I am a flirt and love men. I sometimes
pretend I'm a dyke but thats all a big joke to piss off my
leasbian m8s and to get the guys going... works everytime!
But no matter what I always seem to go for the same guy Oz
(Jamie) he's cute sweet gorgeous as fuck but he's a bit of
a bad boy!
I write songs and play guitar. My guitar is called "Hugo"
just for shits and giggles! my songs are generally about
sex love relationships and how much life, Melksham and my
family (sometimes) SUCKS!
I have two older sisters Nina and Mel Nina is 24 and still
living in the downstairs bedroom in my house and Mel is 22
and Living in Glasgow (scottland). Seeing as I am only 15 I
have not left home or the sham just yet :) Neither of my
sisters can drive which sucks!
My parents are split up and I have a little step sister
georgia often reffered to as "lil princess" cos my dad and
his bitch go to her every comand and I get the blame for
her shit! "She is the fucking devil child" ever seen The
omen daemeans nothing "she deserves a slap" And anyone who
thinks I'm harsh at saying this can burn in hell, looks can
decieve and she may look like a little angel...which I
don't think she does any way, But she's EVIL
My mums boyfriend has left her but He'll probs be back and
I'll have to put up with his bullshit not to mention the
noises in the next room! He'd do anything to get me out of
the way he hates the fact that i excist and he can't have
my mothers undivided attention! But I hope he never comes
back! And Nina and Mel totaly agree!!
I'm not trying to look like the victim of a broken home by
writing this I am simply telling the honest truth. And I
don't regret a thing I have a nice life. But it's the baD
things we remember after all!and I'm angry!
If I refer to courtny love and kurt cobain in the same
context as me and Oz I am probably refering to us. yes I
hate Courtny Love but there are similarities in me and OZ
as to Kurt and courtny!
I want a goldfish so I can give it a long stupid name
like "nemokurticuscobainus" I have a thing about giving
pets silly names! I had a cat called "sid vicious satan
little shit" a guinea pig called "nipple" and a gold fish
which died called "one x E"
If I had a child I would probably Name it Kurt, Felix,
Toby, or something for a boy for a girl i would call it
Molly, pheobie, Taylor, or something or give them a boring
name with acool middle name like Sky Molly Sky's quite cool
There is so much more to say about me but i think that's
enough so far!!

Amy xxxx

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