Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-04-08 20:07:28 (UTC)

suck on this jess!

14 reasons why Oz (jamie) like's me and not u (jess)

1~oz loves ME

2~oz wants ME!

3~I'm his type you're not!

4~I'm his courtny you're not!

5~I love him for him you don't!

6~I want him for everything he is!

7~I've known him for years

8~I can write Music

9~I understand him

10~I can give him what he wants

11~You're a silly little girl with a crush

12~You're blonde (no offence to blondes)

13~You wouldn't know what a guitar tab or a plectrum was if
it smaked you in the face

14~you're a prep

amy xxx